Tuesday, August 19, 2014

little room with a big name

You'll hear all about the Box another time. James has written volumes about it. Others would say: Not That Interesting. I will admit that compared to the old writing space, this new writing space seems like punishment. Harsh punishment at that. And yet

no one or no thing can get James out of there. He must relish the ordinary and desolate. The disconnect from everything that breathes. The absolute stillness when the Pandora stops and he doesn't notice for several hours.  Before long he will throw down a mattress in there. Piss in a can. Think to close and lock the door when he sits down to write.

So he's found something that pleases him. Time will tell what that produces. Maybe he will share a piece of something he's working on. Or maybe he only reacts to the burn in his head. Hurry hurry hurry. Get it all down now. Like any of us have anywhere to be.

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