Thursday, October 11, 2012

the terminal

Ah, the dead. That is my first thought too. Or the soon to be dead. Dead death decay ing. All good stuff. Meaningful. Always a well the habitually thirsty can cull from. But not today. Today's terminal is about comings and goings, not goings gone. Airplanes, and the like. People. Lots of people. In a hurry.

Yes. Off to visit the pirate ship (should this be capitalized, or should we inspect this place first and then decide if capitalization has been earned, or if it's even desired? I suppose the latter most prudent) and missed my flight due to a series of improbable events that no one deserves being bored with. Waiting standby for the better part of a day reading and sipping drinks and bad food and lots of eavesdropping and staring, and also some avoiding of a few of the obviously unpleasant travelers and their respective crews. Sitting on my ass too long. Musak. Public address system too loud and too static and too familiar. Dead air. Decidedly harsh impersonal insulting. Plane to catch.