Saturday, August 11, 2012

we will call her the, ahem, Choreographer

Surely all are familiar with the argument over form poetry and free verse, between outlining a novel first or just following a thread and organically creating. Those in favor of form/outline would say roughly that this structure allows for greater freedom within the text, a greater focus on the words lines story etcetera. I have personally favored free/organic but don't feel hard and fast about it, and have actually written a form poem that I would feel comfortable showing anyone who asked (if I could locate it). So I would say then both sides have a strong case and why even argue?

So why mention this argument? Because it offers a distinct parallel to a discussion a few members of Team James were having recently (and quite behind my back); that is, when man and woman are engaged in making the love is it better if the program has already been designed, the activities for the session listed and agreed upon? Does this allow for all of the energies and intentions and attentions to be focused on the mutual pleasures of the participants, with absolutely no thoughts being given to what else (not on the program) one, or one's lover, might be doing? Much like the writing argument it was a heated and ultimately fruitless debate - split vote. But the ladies did agree on one point before calling it a night: Team James could use to add another member and a series of experiential "workshops" might offer improvements to my disposition and offer fresh perspective on the argument. So they decided, unanimously, to add this new member who we will call politely, the choreographer (the designer of the love dances?) - bless their hearts.

New-ager Carolyn Myss says that the Universe's clock runs much faster than we are comfortable with, faster than we will typically allow. That we prevent healthy change, progress that we intuit to be "good" for us, because we fear the onslaught of what follows next, the acceleration of time and change, the speeding up of our life. So if it seems Team James is growing rapidly and branching into unexpected directions that is because that is exactly what is happening. And that's because James (or in this case his team?) has said to the Universe: Bring it the fuck on! Let's see what else you've got.  

The ladies are constructing an ad, which may or may not get posted here. They also are investigating back channels and expect to have a selection by this time next week. I will not be involved in the interviews and may in fact never actually meet the choreographer. We will see. What's good for the team is good for me. Let go let God.

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