Monday, August 6, 2012

there is only one God

And Syrio Forel would have us believe that one god to be Death, and to Him we say, Not today. It is a solid position and can be said while fencing, and with a smile and twinkle and just a hint of foreshadowing, which adds bonus points in my book. Well done then.

And while I have no quibble with Syrio I leave open the hopeful possibility that he is mistaken: that after making acquaintance with the one for sure God, we discover that he just be errand boy for the real McCoy, the benevolent despot that we all hope Him to be when we send to Him pleas and bargains in times of distress. But that is neither here nor there, his existence or benevolence - we will all discover for ourself when the time is come.

It is the "not today" that lately has become more troubling (than the "only one," in case you haven't been paying attention) - must we always say this? When is the time to wrap our arms around Him and say, Yes, now would be good, please do your thing. Is it dark, depressing, a "sign" of something to be thinking of such? I mean what else ought one be thinking about? Isn't death the one true boundary on life, and any useful measure of quality of life must include death (Volume = Quality X Quantity), and didn't Socrates say the unexamined life is not worth living?

But lately my thoughts have travelled two courses, just one of which I will discuss now: the idea of siphoning, of giving it over before your time. A simple construct really. You can say every morning to Death: Not today, and then turn around and do little/nothing to actualize your life and isn't that ceding a portion over to Death, who probably chuckles whilst on his merry rounds as He actually has no need to come visit you because you freely tithe to Him? What small fortune have I given to Him over the years is the prevailing thought and one that I absolutely can do nothing about - done is done. But what is left in my account and how shall I spend it? Or would I prefer to sit idle, be like the boy with the hole in his pants pocket, losing his allowance before even reaching the candy store? It is a sobering place - but here is where I am lately, if you've been curious.

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