Monday, August 13, 2012

the Wanted

Choreographer (of the love dances)

We seek a skilled production designer of the ancient art of lovemaking.  The successful candidate will be fluent in multiple disciplines but insistent on a fusion with the modern aesthetic (please be prepared to provide and discuss a sample script).

This is not an entry level position and the successful candidate will be empowered to devise, sculpt, orchestrate truly life changing protocols for one whose present level of expertise might be categorized as Modest. It must also be mentioned that while you will not report directly to the subject of your innovations, his displeasure will surely, and quickly, reach to you should your performance be found lacking. In other words: results, not just philosophies, are expected.

If you find this to be an intriguing and challenging opportunity, please contact Team James by telephoning: 210-555-1234 (if a male answers, please hang up; wait one hour to call back.)

Remuneration: negotiable to generous

Team James is an equal opportunity employer (of powerful vibrant females).

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