Tuesday, August 21, 2012

the little lovely

If you were made of porcelain, like one of those China girl figurines, I might sit you next to the bookcase (your choice of black, your favored black, the layers upon layers of it, would play well anywhere in this room, might even address the subdued elegance clearly lacking). But if I place you next to the bookcase so much of you is swallowed by the couch, its height measured at 27 1/2", which, as you well know, leaves me only 32 1/8" of you to view (and yes, I do believe that you would bounce on your toes, endlessly, so that I might see more of you. lovely you.)

But of course you are not porcelain, the goose bumps I felt on your skin very real, very breathing, and the little noises you made were not manufactured either, and I blush to say anymore (and yes, I do see that blush can be pink like another pink, and I do see that blush is found in the cheeks which reminds of other cheeks, and I do see it is the same as flushed, like one gets during you know). So I learn that you are nothing like a doll that can be brought out to play and then returned to over here or over there. You are more constant, insistent (and yes, I see you have called, and yes, I see you have messaged, and yes, I will see you very soon, and yes, but it will be a surprise so I will not tell you now what your surprise will be because then it will not be a surprise and then I will miss the exclamation when you jump to wrap your arms around my neck, the reaching from your tiny painted toes).

The solution, of course, is obvious and has been apparent from the first: I will place you here, inside this narrative. The benefits to you are significant: first, I will ignore eliminate strike any of your tiny flaws, your blemishes (and yes, I did notice several - need I start to catalogue?); and secondly, we can visit anytime anywhere and here it will always be good, you will always be my little lovely, and I will lather you and I will blather for you and you will not find it better elsewhere (and yes, it was different with the Thief of kisses, much different, and I don't want to get into that. And I won't).

(and yes, I know you are real. So am I, and so is here. and yes, you will grow to love it here, and I will love you here, and you can play here always play here we can play here and I will always see you as I did the first time when I said you are amazing and far exceed my expectations and we talked of books and covered decades with the broadest strokes, leaving comfortable portals to revisit, endless portals, and I left with the taste of you ingrained, the scent of you memorized, and now it is time for me to pamper you, don't you see?)

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