Wednesday, August 8, 2012

the Collector (of sentences)

If we were to attempt to build a description we would start and finish with: he is an odd fellow and then merely cite example. His oddness is of such a startling capacity that his physical attributes are rendered wholly meaningless (consider: you would be overwhelmed by his presence, his oddness, long before you actually spotted him). As such, he prefers the isolation of library basements and forested parks, and only those lushly populated with both birch and pine, and the one in close proximity to the other, so that his stimulation might be simultaneously ocular and olfactory. And at all times his person will include: ample pens and paper, something to read, to inspect, and a case to carry his most treasured purloined sentences.

And as you might imagine, his oddness can only be handled in small doses. It can be/is quite overwhelming. Such that the mere brief description of him is so taxing that I feel compelled to rest. Another time we will discuss his methodologies, his collection and perhaps his aspirations, and what I  presume to be his endgame.

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