Thursday, August 2, 2012

How James Allen spent his Wednesday:

6:45  Rise and shine

7:00  Drink coffee, look out windows and write. Wonder about things.

1:15  Enough. Mushy brain. Crank up Alan Mudd's Pandora, shower, etc.  

1:45  Open some pain in the ass mail from the big stack. Deal with it. Loud music helps

2:05  Taco Garage: chicken and beef fajitas w/guacamole & charro beans. Eavesdrop on 2 hookers 

2:05  Read some correspondences and poetry. Edit a manuscript. Curse loud guy on cellphone 

2:05  Feel overly pleased with self. Thus: overly converse with waitress who is now nervous

2:10  Turn the charm back down. See? Not hitting on you, just being pleased about things

2:15  Eat drink read. Listen for hooker convo. Blocked by cellphone guy. Accept defeat

2:50  Nice tip for waitress: let her figure it out. Exit through doors: turn which way?

2:50  Stroll about Milam Park. See: make-out couple - rendezvous? homeless sleeping, stirring

3:00  Make joke to pretty girl who is now nervous. Reveal pure heart/intent. Success

3:05  Laugh at pretty girl's unfunny joke. Think: doors are always open to the young and fetching

3:05  Walk and think and avoid looking too closely at anything, particularly the unpleasant

3:35  Bus stop bench in shade: a few pages of Phillip Roth (like - see you later). Watch people

4:15  Rest

6:00  Eat Alan Mudd's mango yogurt - awesome. Also a couple of cherries and an apple. 

6:30  Red Sox game. Email and the like. An apology crafted and sent. Jotting ideas.

7'ish  Doze off. Sox give up 5 runs while I'm out. Glad I missed it. Internets.

8:45  A peach and a pear. Wanting Alan Mudd's remaining yogurt but deciding to save

9:10  Write a bit. Stare at city night. Like: the idea/spark; Hate: the piddling words

10:15 Curse the shallowness of my reservoir. Find paper to make a list for proof

10:15 List: Nervous girl, sizzling food, annoying guy on phone obscuring conversation,  hookers, rendezvous couple, park - almost desolate now, homeless, pretty girl, jokes funny and not, people of all kinds walking by me, bus stop, pigeons, shade tree, pavement, heat, city day, city night, goddamn city sounds and smells and shouts and lulls, Christ! no more. enough.

10:20 Wonder: who the fuck can't do something with that haul? Answer: 

10:30 Hot shower to wash off disgust, prep for sleep. As long as cursing: what aches

10:45 Phillip Roth continued. Immigrant lit? Solid smooth storyteller. Good pace and tone.

10:50 Think, while reading: bet he could do something with my list. Re-read several pages, several times

11:4_ Sleep. 

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