Monday, August 13, 2012


I call you Bàba. In Chinese mean father. You now Anna's Bàba. Is okay?
Bàba - You have no wife? Your muscles need wife. Too tight like knot. Need at least girlfriend.

BàbaAnna will be Bàba's girlfriend? Anna will be Bàba's girlfriend! Bàba?
Bàba like Anna? Bàba like Anna! Bàba like Anna best of all girlfriends?

You are not like Chinese manBàba. Anna make Bàba dance. Look! Bàba love dance for Anna.
Bàba - Your shoe not tied correctly. Give foot to Anna. Anna make Bàba always look right.

Bàba - What does incorrigible mean? Why does Bàba say words Anna can not say? Bàba ashamed of Anna?
Bàba - Call Anna after work to this number and Bàba come get Anna? Take Anna to Bàba's home? Bàba's bed.

Bàba - Go to China with Anna? Live by ocean, eat fish and rice every day. And Bàba learn speak Chinese!
Bàba - Take Anna on American date? And go to Starbuck's for coffee? And big ice cream cone for Anna? And then Anna get fat. Anna fat! Fat! And Bàba still come see Anna? BàbaBàba like fat Anna, old Anna?

Anna love always see Bàba. Anna never tired of touch Bàba, make Bàba feel happy. Anna love Bàba.
Bàba - When take Anna to see new home, downtown home? Bàba think Anna talk too much?

Bàba - Tell me words mean Anna pretty. More. More. Bàba just need Anna for girlfriend? No others?
Ah Maze Ing Ahmaze ing  Anna amazing? Anna Amazing! Bàba love Anna best of all! Yes, Bàba

Bàba - Every day I wait by window for Bàba to come. Every day I wait but you do not come. Only come one day and not the others. Bàba understand? One day you come is enough. Anna will always wait for Bàba to come. Always. Bàba understand? Anna is Bàba's girlfriend. Best girlfriend ever. Ah Maze Ing! Anna wait. Bàba? 

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