Thursday, March 1, 2012

New desk old desks

In the last week I have viewed hundreds of desks, mostly online, many in person. Today I chose one and it ships to me tomorrow afternoon. I also picked a sofa and love seat for the writer's corner for when layabouts are about the crib. Garish flowery stuff marked way down. The type of furniture that says when the booze is gone, you be gone too. Also a writing desk for Brooke when she visits this summer, for the guest room.

The first writing desk was a schoolteacher type affair that I got at Goodwill for 25.00. Loved that desk. Wrote my first short story on it (Mr. Kindresol). Woke up at 3:00 one morning and sat down and cranked it own long hand. I was hooked after that.

The next was a computer desk that coincided with my 1st computer (which cost 1600.00 Ouch!). Office Max or Depot, forget which. I think 165.00 sounds about right. Most memorable is it, combined with my then queen sized bed, missed fitting in my room by about 4 inches. Out went the bed and I slept on the floor on a mattress. Had to have that desk.

Adams Street and the little writing cove needed its own desk which I got from The Empire for free. A very fine solid wood square type traditional model. It fit so perfectly there that I couldn't bear to bring it to the next location when Adams Street got sold from under me. It found a home on Craig Street holding liquor bottles for the oft inebriated tenant. I hope he found it a nice home after he moved East.

Next was the metallic contraption that caught my fancy. Another computer desk, but this one sometimes shocked me when I touched it. Played a lot of poker on this one. Installation was a hoot -- my co-pilot came over drunk and got much drunker, occasionally shining a light on the instructions while I assembled the damned thing. Mistake on that one all around.

Last desk was regal. A Stone Oak sort of desk. Hand carved. Brass handles. Expensive. It is now in my office, used for matters of Empire and also to pay bills, etc. A lovely desk that I am quite fond of. But not right for what is in front of me now. That needed its own desk. At least in my peculiar world it does.

Today's purchase is used.  Bought at 1/2 price. SALE: 1/2 OFF you get the idea. Presentable but has seen better days. Has a nice functional shape to it. Some drawers to fidget with when thinking. To put manuscripts in. Pencils and pens and the like. Reminders and scraps. Has the attachment on it that makes it L-shaped. More space but also kind of sections off this corner of the room so company doesn't get the idea that anyone can sit down at this desk. That's about it. Surely I'll have more to say when it's up and running. Stay tuned.

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