Thursday, March 1, 2012

Glass Half Full

Yesterday I had the thought that these last six months have been as Robert Bly suggests, or at least as I say he says, a time among the ashes: a regeneration, a necessary time for any man. A time to lay low and hurt and heal. A time to redefine who and what are important. Iron John tells us this and more.

I doubt yesterday's thought was actually yesterday's thought. It might have loosened out  a day or so earlier and just got retrieved yesterday. Or it's been kicking around much longer and I've been preoccupied. Latter more likely? No matter. Know that Bly says the ashes require two years and I am unsure how to account for the missing 18 months. It seems that I have been in ash many times - do I keep a running tally? Or do I owe 18 months more? Do I get a factor/multiplier for the degree of ash this last 6 months has brought, to where 1/2 year can equal 2 years?

I am feeling ready to emerge, perhaps a social creature now. Hopeful of movement. Ready to choose travel companions. Ready to choose new poisons. Ready to argue old arguments with a freshened perspective. Less tolerant of excuse, mine and others.

So I say. Let's see what's next.

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