Monday, November 7, 2011

Coffee with Mother Teresa's helper

Yes, that would be Kathleen, who I was privileged to make acquaintance with on Sunday at Sip (thanks to LD's eavesdropping and general nosiness). Who has spent most of her adult working life third-worlding, presumably for free or just above. Now she has a paid gig at the University and seems to feel guilty about living the good life (does the "Good"work she does at the U = "Good" she could be doing amongst the poor in say, Nepal?).

[Gosh, she was a vibrant woman (who, naturally, goes mountaining in her spare time). And looking for a writerly community.]

While it was terrific to have this encounter, it did get me thinking again down old corridors. Raising questions for debate, demanding attention. I have/had given myself permission to focus on recovery, to attempt to get well, or reasonably close, and then worry about the rest (always: write v Empire, and When?). But if such a life as Kathleen is questioning its level of commitment, can I really afford to dally?

[Didn't take long for Time to get back in the game.]

[Is this a question of Path? Are all questions of Path?]

Health is starting to come: Cardio Rehab today (session #3 of 36). Worked up a sweat. It felt good.

It feels like The Man is being unkind to the frail me. Took some liberties with my business while I was out that benefitted The Man and not the patient. I understand The Man's right to protect what is His; but there is a way to handle business where everyone gets a fair shake and communication is transparent -- this is not what happened, leaving me feeling shafted. Maybe I was, maybe I wasn't, but the communication has been poor and intentions going forward have not been declared. I am going to trust my instincts and assume others took advantage, until I am shown otherwise. And I have enquired about a sit-down.

And I just got off the telephone with a Competitor. They are looking for guys like me. We are having coffee on Wednesday.

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